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Welcome to Audit and Advisory Services online where our goal is to serve you, the campus community, by “Bridging the Gap” between you and the accomplishment of UC Berkeley’s mission through excellence in governance, risk management, and control. We hope that as you navigate our web site you will find bridges to answer questions about who we are, how we can serve you, and what resources are available to facilitate your success. We encourage you to visit our web site often as we will continually update information, including “Bridging the Gap” sessions; guidelines for internal control; best practices and risk mitigation procedures; control self-assessment toolsThe Bridge newsletter; and other material that we believe will be valuable to UC Berkeley management, faculty, staff, and students.

Wanda Lynn Riley,  Chief Audit Executive

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Buying Surplus Equipment

Q: There are several laptop computers which are no longer in use by the department. A department staff member would like to purchase the computers. Is this allowable?

Bridging the Gap Announcement

Next event: Thursday, May 12 from 10:00-11:30 am in 150 University Hall

Building Resilience in Times of Change with Laurie Yamamoto (Course Code: BEAUD004-160512)

With the campus undergoing a comprehensive strategic planning process due to structural deficits, we must look at our level of psychological and emotional preparedness for change. External stressors are real, yet how we choose to view, experience and manage them is an internal process. To maintain a healthy level of stress, we must cultivate an ability to remain flexible and open in order to adapt and adjust to challenges. This session will look at the changing nature of the workplace, provide an overview of the change process and principles, and focus on how to build your resilience in times of change.

Advance registration is required  Please go to Bridging the Gap for details on how to register and the schedule of future sessions. 

The purpose of the "Bridging the Gap" series is to allow UC Berkeley thought leadership, faculty, and staff to excel together by providing a forum to discuss emerging and hot button issues, foster an open exchange, and inform decision makers.