Each building/unit has a person (Department Access Key Controller) authorized to make cardkey and building changes.  Have the consultant or other individual with a bona fide business reason to gain access to a facility complete the Cardkey Application, secure the appropriate authorization, and submit the request to the UCPD Alarms and Access Control Unit.

Non-Employee Affiliates (e.g., volunteers, independent contractors, consultants) become eligible for Cal 1 Card issuance via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement between the Cal 1 Card office and any department desiring to authorize said eligibility.

The MOU agreement will stipulate that all Non-Employee Affiliates in the designated HCM Home Department(s) will be sponsored for Cal 1 Card eligibility with a $25 production fee charged to a designated departmental chart string for each card produced.  The MOU is established so that this process does NOT need to be repeated for future Non-Employee Affiliates in the authorizing department that will also likely be needing a card.

Once the Cal 1 Ccard is issued, the Department Access Key Controller requests access from the UCPD Alarms & Access Control Unit.


Campus Access Control Policy
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