Does the term "grant fund hopscotch" apply to a situation where an employee spends 90% of their time researching their grant, but spends the other 10% of their time doing administrative work and teaching work that is only partially related to the grant they are supposed to be researching. In this scenario, the teaching and administrative work is being done for a supervisor not assigned to the grant in question. The two people are members of the same university research center, but the supervisor in question most likely does not have any access to the grant on which the other person is working.
6. Preciseness of Certifications
OMB Circular A-21 provides for “a degree of tolerance” in the preciseness of effort reporting. UCOP has defined the preciseness tolerance at +/- 5%. Therefore, an individual may certify a level of effort for an award or activity that is within five percentage points of their best estimate of the actual effort expended during the reporting period.

UCB Policy - Effort Reporting – Certifying Effort on Sponsored Projects

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Office of Management and Budget CIRCULAR A-21 Revised 05/10/04