Organizational Chart

Organizational chart for Audit & Advisory Services. More detailed information provided on web page

Audit and Advisory Services (A&AS) and Whistleblower Investigations is located within the Chancellor's Office. The director (Jaime Jue) has dual reporting to the campus (Chancellor Carol Christ and Associate Chancellor Khira Griscavage) and UC Office of the President (Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer Alexander Bustamante). In addition, the director has a dotted-line reporting relationship with the Chancellor's Cabinet, which currently serves as our local audit committee.  

The Executive Assistant position (currently vacant) and Associate Director Jennifer Jennifer Jones report to the director. The auditor positions report to the associate director and include Principal Auditors Robert Asato and Dorothy Lipari, as well as one vacant principal auditor position and 2.5 FTE unfilled senior auditor positions.